War of the Dead

The Journal

Day “Z’ aboard the merc ship “Bitten”, I finally have a moment to put my thoughts to paper as who knows how much longer we can stay alive. All hell has broken loose, people are eating people, dead people are standing back up, and those that should be dead just don’t seem to die!
Ill begin on our last day aboard the Pinnacle, Stuffed into the theatre hall with the rest of the “survivors” we decided it was time to get some answers. A small group of us set off to find this Forthington character who supposedly owns the boat and had these “merc’s” who are now helping us sabotage the damn thing. When we find the quarters of this MAN’s man he is hiding in a corner and practically kills one of group. Now let me take a moment and note that while it would be bad to loose a group member this particular one was already bitten and probably going to take a bullet sooner or later anyways. After we secure the cabin and blow the head off his crazed bitter whore, we find out he is just scum, bottom of the barrel kind and ultimately worthless to us. Noble boy boat sheriff makes us take him with us instead of leaving him that’s the beginning of the end of turns out to be one big nightmare.
When we return to the Theatre some preacher gal had taken control, disarmed the mercenaries and tied them up, she also stirred the rest of the survivors into some wild crazy rage, what happens next I cannot begin to describe in detail, but explosions went off, I was rushed by a crowd and I too threw some grenades, if they are willing to kill other survivors and me then they can go to hell! After the dust cleared all that was left running was myself, the good doctor, sheriff good two shoes and the mercs.
We hole up in a room where the mercs meet up with another group of there boys, and then BOOM, they blow away the security officer, we talk them down from shooting us just as a coast guard boat crashes into the side of the cruise ship, the itchy trigger fingers on the mercs start going off and me and the good Doctor make a break for it. The Cruise ship is sinking now, we have been double crossed by a bunch of money hungry mercenaries and our only way out is the mercs boat some 3 stories down the side of the ship that is crawling with mindless things wanting to eat us. We decide to make a break for the boat and deal with the mercs at that point, try and talk them down first and shoot second I think was the plan .
We get our plan set and start looking for a good way to even get to the boat, and then the Doctor goes and hauls off the side of the boat straight down to the water, I figure he is dead from this height and go to at least see what happened, and holy crap the bastard lived! Off the side of the boat I follow, and then it was all black….
When I wake up im on the skiff with the Doc, and we are out to sea. Turns out he saved me, killed some more of the crazed things and now we are hoping to not die…..
UPDATE, well we have been out at sea now for what feel like forever, I have befriended a seagull, im calling him Scuttle, he comes in for the scraps of our rations and we have been using him as our arrow to point us towards what we hope will be not only land but home….if there is a home left. Doc says this could be a pandemic and that we might not be out of danger just yet, I sure hope he is wrong, that or well we die out here and the rest wont matter. If there is any ink left in this pen ill write again when something changes, if no entry follows this you can guess what happened.
Land! We can see land! Scuttle saved us! Its in the distance but its Land we are going to live! Ill keep this journal to account for more, but that’s all I can write for now, too hungry, too tired, and now, finally too excited to pen more!



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