Half Elf Synthesist Summoner


Burdened with great evil, I have dedicated my life to finding the peace and serenity that the God Rao provides. I travel the land in seeking His favor for my redemption, but a demon resides within my soul, tainting it and distorting my mind. Moloch long ago possessed my soul. I was but a babe when my parents involved my twin and I in their profane rituals. In the beginning, it was exciting, and I did not realize the blasphemous nature of my parent’s desires and fel magic.

I always had an innate affinity for otherworldly beings or perhaps they had an affinity for me. My parents were mesmerized by the creatures that would appear at their son’s side. They encouraged me to develop this ability, to purposefully summon creatures from beyond. As I grew, my facility for summoning particular beings developed. These paltry creatures were not good enough for my parents. They created larger and more elaborate rituals to enhance my summoning. The rituals, they began to frighten me.

“Summon a demon,” they ordered. I had seen many dangerous things in their private rituals, but I was frightened to call a demon to my side. Until the day my own parents tortured it out of me. They told me it was for my own good. The excruciating pain knocked me out. When I woke, my parents were covered in scratches and blood. Yet these two crazed individuals were overjoyed. They hugged me tight, praising my accomplishment. Then I felt the presence of the demon. He spoke to me. Moloch. Moloch, he called himself. “I will never abandon you,” he whispered, sending a chill through my body.

The longer he clung to my back, the more Moloch would take over. He delighted in making choices that would make me cringe, or be embarrassed, or feel shame. I could not take my parents’ adoration anymore. They loved Moloch and his involvement in their rituals and sacrifices. With one last thought about my twin, I left to venture alone. Such a simple mind my twin had, never seeming to understand the depravity of our parents actions. It would be better for my twin to stay than to be tethered to a possessed twin. Who knew what Moloch would do.

I soon learned what Moloch would do. Every time I made steps to redeem his actions and save my tormented soul, he would overcome me again. I would help a village suffering from a terrible disease; He would purposefully contract a disease and spread it in another town. I would serve at a temple of Rao; He would harass and attempt to turn converts at other temples serving the light. I would extend mercy to a fallen soul; He would withhold mercy from any who opposed his schemes. My life stands for goodness, mercy, and freedom while His stands for depravity, ruthlessness, and cruelty and his favorite bloodshed.


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