Olneya Ironwood

Half-Orc Barbarian/Oracle


Olneya Ironwood, daughter of Orgug

A great orc chieftain fathered many children but was disappointed with their diminutive orc minds. Often the half-orc offspring were shown to have strategic minds for battle. He found an adequate human woman to use, and Olneya was conceived. After the half-orc girl was born, the chieftain killed her mother in a rage. He had wanted a half-orc son. What would he do with this pitiful half-human female child? He stared down at the newborn, who stared back at him with a surprising ferocity. Snarling, he squeezed her body. Hearing bones snapping, he tossed her limp frame onto her mother’s body and walked away. Dark mist rose from the baby coalescing into angry spirit wisps, whipping through the tall grass and slamming the bark off trees. The tribe shaman happened to be near and witnessed this spectacle. Attempting to get closer, the shaman was buffeted. Stumbling back, he used his powers to calm the angry spirits. Cradling little Olneya, he examined the tense, rigid, angry child. In Olneya, the shaman saw a great spiritual warrior. He anointed the baby and took her in.
Nevertheless, Olneya grew up in her father’s shadow, constantly reminded of the son he wanted to have. Her mission was to be that son. She was smarter, faster, better than all her orc siblings even with a lame leg; the reminder of a life that should not have been and was not wanted. She dominated the older orc children, but her father would never acknowledge her achievements. Studying under the shaman, she knew much about pain and suffering. When she nearly beat her opponents to death, her father would just narrow his eyes at the strange spirits that seem to rise from her very soul. Then came the day when the chieftain fathered another half-orc child, a boy Tsadok. Now her father never even looked her direction.
While her brother developed his abilities and excelled, Olneya determined even more to be the better son. All orc men were her comrades and competition. Beautiful women were her conquests. She was a brute, hardier and more loutish than the orc men. Through all this, she drowned her subconscious hate for herself and her father in her progressive alcoholism.
Though everything that Olneya coveted was to please her father and be his second, Tsadok did not care about such things. He was enamored by urban human society and gold… mostly gold. He abandoned his people to join slaver rings. For the first time in years, Olneya knew how to attain her desires. She set off toward civilization to find her brother. If nothing else would convince their father of her prowess and abilities, the head of Tsadok, the great half-orc wonder, felled by her hand would.

Olneya Ironwood

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