Elais Manbiter

Half-orc half-wolf ranger


Elias Manbiter. Born in the bitter northern glaciers 254 months ago. of a now slain human male woodsman and an orc raider chieftain’s 2nd woman. when the orc became obviously pregnant and master of the hovel had been raiding elsewhere for long enough o make obvious to all that she was with spawn not of her mates she was ostracized and then when she didn’t leave she was run out of the “village” with sticks , stones and cudgels. She tried hard to fend for herself all alone on the cold ass ice block, but alas without human and dwarven food stock she perish ed within 6 months. Oddly enough the timing was just such that he almost dead corpse gave birth to a half human squalling meat sack as a large wolf pack was passing by (read: coming to eat some carrion that was freshly dead). The hideous sounds of the infant annoyed the alpha female so much that she tried to bite him first but was taken aback when he lunged at her first. as an good beta female would, her sister intercepted the “attack” and would have killed the monkey-form but for the intercession of the alpha female , being female and deciding that it wasn’t for eating but for raising.

Some years later as Elias grew his pack was wiped out by bla bla bla and then he traveled south with the last of his pack. Leaf Torn his youngest sister.

Elais Manbiter

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